NEW PROJECTS A new stage

The great victory of the 44-day national war freed the territories of Azerbaijan from

Armenian occupation and entered the newest and most glorious period of its history.

          On September 27, 2020, the Armed Forces of Azerbaijan under the leadership of the Supreme Commander-in-Chief Ilham Aliyev carried out all counter-offensive operations at a high level, and within 44 days, the Azerbaijani lands where the Armenian military units had been occupied for nearly 30 years and built strong military fortifications, barriers, and defense lines liberated, won a glorious Victory and restored historical justice and territorial integrity of our country. In the Patriotic War, Azerbaijan won a brilliant victory and defeated Armenia, ending the occupation. Every day of these 44 days is the glorious history of Azerbaijan. On September 19, 2023, the Republic of Azerbaijan started a local anti-terrorist operation in its territory. The anti-terrorist measures, which lasted 23 hours and 38 minutes, were successfully completed. At the end of all this, Azerbaijan fully restored its sovereignty.

          The people and the state of Azerbaijan cherish the bright memory of their heroic children who died for the Motherland, always remember them with special respect, appreciate the work of veterans and are proud of them.

          Restoring the country's territorial integrity is a demonstration of the supremacy of international law and national-moral values for our state.

          In order to become an integral part of the economy of Azerbaijan, settlement, decent living and economic activity will be ensured in the regions freed from occupation, the construction and restoration works to be carried out in these areas will further strengthen the foundations of the socio-economic development of our country and will be an important stage in the new development process of Azerbaijan.

          By putting an end to the Azerbaijani people's longing for Karabakh, the Patriotic War created the need for a new era, new opportunities, and the creation of a new state program. Restoration and reconstruction works have been started in the liberated territories according to the most modern standards. In addition to destroying all the infrastructure in the territories occupied by the enemy for 30 years, the enemy has almost destroyed the flora and fauna of the territories. In Karabakh and Eastern Zangezur economic regions, the gradual restoration of all the infrastructure destroyed by the enemy over the course of 30 years has begun. A certain part of the implementation of an important state program has been entrusted to the share of the Social Development Fund of Forced Displaced Persons of the Republic of Azerbaijan in the direction of construction and restoration works in the territories freed from occupation. During the 24 years of activity of the Social Development Fund of IDPs, it has successfully implemented the following projects and state programs in order to improve housing and living conditions of IDPs.

       78 townships and 25 high-rise buildings with all the infrastructure provided by the President's Reserve Fund, the State Oil Fund and the State capital investment (investment costs) were built and aimed at improving the housing and living conditions of IDPs. There are 288 high-rise buildings, 37,397 apartments and private houses, 86 schools, 7 music schools, 67 kindergartens, 5 hospitals, 23 medical centers, 12 outpatient clinics, 25 midwifery centers, 62 community centers, 14 fire stations, and 71 administrative buildings. . , 1006 km of water lines, 1838 km of electricity lines, 541 km of gas lines, 105 km of sewage lines, 11310 irrigation systems, etc. works like this include.

       Today, the Social Development Fund of Forced IDPs of the Republic of Azerbaijan has entered a new era. For IDPs, they proudly carry out the tasks and instructions of the Head of State in the reconstruction and reconstruction of their native villages, not temporarily in different regions of our country.

        Currently, the construction of Zabukh and Sus villages of Lachin district, which is included in the East Zangezur economic district, is being successfully carried out. At the same time, the design stage of G├╝labird in Lachin district, Zar, Zallar and Yanshag villages in Kalbajar district is being implemented. At the same time, the demolition works of Shukurbeyli village of Jabrayil district have been started.