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For the "Project to Support Living Conditions and Income Opportunities of Forced Displaced Persons"

additional financing (loan agreement No. 8627-AZ)

 Taking into account the necessary need to ensure employment among IDPs, as well as the critical condition of the socio-economic infrastructure facilities in their use, according to the loan agreement signed between the Government of Azerbaijan and the World Bank dated June 23, 2016, it will cover the years 2017-2020. Implementation of additional financing for the Project for Supporting Living Conditions and Income Opportunities of Forced Displaced Persons" has been started. As a result of the implementation of the project, in order to create new jobs for IDPs, it is planned to ensure the employment of 2500 IDP youth by involving them in vocational training, including the creation of 400 small business entities that will provide permanent employment for 5000 IDPs. In addition, 2,000 internally displaced persons will be provided with micro-loans to start small business activities. Within the framework of the project, the implementation of up to 400 projects that provide for the repair of social and economic infrastructure (repair of schools, kindergartens, community centers, health institutions, water and electricity supply networks, sewage lines, roads, irrigation and drainage systems) in densely populated areas of internally displaced persons is also planned. . A total of 268,000 people (including 210,000 internally displaced persons) are expected to benefit from the implementation of the project.