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Environmental Management

 Environmental Management Plan Framework (EMPF) was prepared as a part of the preparation process for additional financing of IDP Living Standards and Livelihoods Project, jointly financed by the Government of Azerbaijan and International Bank for Reconstruction and Development (World Bank).

 EMPF is a framework document aimed at resolving of environmental issues that may arise during implementation of various activities within the Project. The purposes of the document are to help ensure that projects are environmentally sound and sustainable, as well as to consult the community on environmental issues, to ensure that environmental issues are considered at the earliest stage of the micro-project cycle and to promote environmentally beneficial micro-projects.


Taking into account that environmental protection measures vary depending on the level and type of the environment impact, EMPF reflects an environmental effects of the various projects and possible ways to overcome them, as well as mitigation measures for the previously predicted impacts.

 The full text of the RPF can be downloaded from this link.